On the Starting Blocks
LIFE on the Starting Blocks

Someone once said that following the Creator God’s Plan for your life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. So, with September, in many countries, marking the start of new things for students and graduates alike, the Disciple (learner) of Jesus will be starting, or continuing, a life-time journey of trust and obedience to Father God, a step at a time.

To walk that journey with me – as we dip into the Books of Luke, Acts and Romans together – just use the drop-down menu each day and CLICK on TODAY’S DATE.


September 1st – 24/7 Worldwide Deliverables

September 2nd – Reverse Engineer a 3D Puzzle

September 3rd – Project Management

September 4th – A Near-Death Escape!

September 5th – The First MMS

September 6th – Choosing Words Wisely

September 7th – Religious Aggression

September 8th – The Disappearing Act

September 9th – Blinded by the Light

September 10th – The Global Agenda

September 11th – The Unknown God

September 12th – Religious Intolerance

September 13th – A Global Conspiracy

September 14th – A GPS 4 Life

September 15th – Falsely Accused!

September 16th – Living Counter-Culturally

September 17th – Shipwrecked!

September 18th – Living on Death Row

September 19th – The Rate of Exchange

September 20th – To Be or not To Be

September 21st – Floating the Titanic

September 22nd – Free Credit

September 23rd – Hope won’t Disappoint!

September 24th – Finding the Loopholes

September 25th – Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

September 26th – Abba!

September 27th – Transforming Your Mind

September 28th – The Swiss Watch

September 29th – Who’s Judging?

September 30th – HOPE!

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