May Your New Year be Blessed with the Knowledge of God's Grace
May Your New Year be Blessed with the Knowledge of God’s Grace

Welcome to a New Year! With New Years being a great place to start again, many people try “New Years Resolutions”. They resolve to do something that they didn’t do in the year before. Some try to stop smoking. Other’s try to exercise more. By committing to read three chapters a day and six on Sunday, some people try to read through the Bible in one year, beginning with Genesis 1 on January 1st.

The following pages on this website give you a “thought for the day”. CLICK on the link for TODAY’S DATE to become familiar with the Creator God – the One who made you in His Own image.

January 1st – Creating a Perfect Future

January 2nd – The Lost Dreamtime

January 3rd – Balancing Justice

January 4th – Kerbing Corruption

January 5th – Surviving A Global Meltdown

January 6th – Substantiating a Story

January 7th – A World Divided

January 8th – Unleashing “Group Think”

January 9th – The Visible God

January 10th – The First Communion

January 11th – Define “Righteousness”

January 12th – Muting God

January 13th – The Great Escape

January 14th – The Ultimate Sacrifice

January 15th – Inheriting the Global Blessing

January 16th – Stairway to Heaven

January 17th – The Origins of Israel

January 18th – The Problem with Prophecy

January 19th – Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat

January 20th – The Great Tribulation

January 21st – Twice Fruitful

January 22nd – Quick Judgements

January 23rd – A Supernatural Perspective

January 24th – Abraham’s Last Will and Testament

January 25th – God Works in Mysterious Ways

January 26th – When Execution’s An Option

January 27th – Escaping Genocide

January 28th – MiH: Match Made in Heaven

January 29th – Qualifying for the Impossible

January 30th – Crisis Management

January 31st – Life with a Stutter

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