After writing the original Breadcrumbs in September 2009 – just one month after our only son died – I felt sure in my heart that I was meant to unpack the original collection of short stories. Over the next three years I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote some more.

By spring of 2013, I had enough material for two books and this website. The 12 topics in this section of my website are what I extracted out of the first draft manuscript for my second book Mysterious? …expect the unexpected…  so the topics run on from each chapter in that book. This made my second book mostly storyline while all my ‘background thinking’ or ‘the premise behind the stories’  is collated here for you and laid out in themes. Each of the 12 Topics are broken up into several bite-size posts so that you can come and go in and out of my thought patterns, as and when you please.

I have also created the Q&A page with some of the most frequently asked questions that I’ve noticed in the 30 years since leaving my home country. These questions are then linked to these Topics pages so that if you click on a question, it will take you to the answers that are found dotted about somewhere on the various Topics pages.

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The Topic in this section of the website are:

1. People of the Book

2. Where’s God When Life’s so Hard?

3. Beyond Human Experience

4. Who’s the Holy Spirit?

5. How Does God Guide Us?

6. Why did Jesus Die?

7. God’s Knowledge, Presence and Power

8. Citizenship, Identity and Belonging

9. Life – In Eternity

10. The Creator’s Complex Plans

11. What’s Worship?

12. Returns on a Capital Investment

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