Inter-dependent vs. Independence
Inter-dependent vs. Independence

In many countries, July marks the end of a long school year. The ‘refiners fire’ of examinations are now over and for those who stand at the “cross-roads of independence”, it’s time to leave home to start the rest of your life!

Following my Breadcrumbs through July will see you following the footsteps of God’s people through the exile years. July 1st begins with the Book of Ezra, 70 years after Followers of the Creator God were “thrust from His presence” and exiled into 127 provinces of the ancient Babylonian Empire – from India to upper-Egypt. With freedom and independence high on the agenda in most societies today, I invite you to continue this ‘journey of discovery’ as you find out more about your Maker’s Global Plan. To do this, use the menu below clicking on today’s date then reading my thought for today…

July 1st – Divine Relationship, How To…

July 2nd – The Curse of Comparison

July 3rd – Roses Without Thorns

July 4th – Beauty in Encouragement

July 5th – The Futility of Worry

July 6th – Assuming Responsibility

July 7th – Risking an Honest Answer

July 8th – Living with Ridicule

July 9th – Define What’s “Right”

July 10th – Knowing Your Purpose

July 11th – Familiarity Breeds Contempt

July 12th – A Covenant of Love

July 13th – Planning A Stage Scene

July 14th – Qualifications for Royalty

July 15th – Choosing Noncompliance

July 16th – Rocking the Boat

July 17th – Pride Goes Before A Fall

July 18th – The Relativity of Time

July 19th – Who’s The Enemy?

July 20th – The Lord of the Rings

July 21st – Celebrating LIFE!

July 22nd – The Source of Trouble

July 23rd – Author of the Supernatural

July 24th – How to Gain Understanding

July 25th – The Secret to Prosperity

July 26th – Hidden Messages in the Cosmos!

July 27th – The World’s Greatest Shepherd

July 28th – Don’t Fret!

July 29th – Divine Eternality vs Human Frailty

July 30th – What’s Good About God?

July 31st – The Paradox of Praise & Pain

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