Autumn in the Snow
When Autumn meets Winter

November is a month of preparation. I have to buy Christmas cards and write our Christmas newsletter this month, so that I won’t miss the deadline for International post to Australia. But it’s also a month to prepare for winter.  Any sunny days in November are a last chance to clear up fallen leaves and pull up the last of the weeds in the garden beds before the frosts arrive.

The Daily Breadcrumbs for November are taken from seven of the New Testament letters – Thessalonians through to the Hebrews – preparing the reader for LIFE in the Kingdom of our Father God. To follow the breadcrumbs through November, just use the drop-down menu and click on today’s date to read my “thought for today”.

November 1st – Imitators & Imitations

November 2nd – Leaving a Legacy

November 3rd – Planning for Problems

November 4th – Define “Mind Your Own Business”

November 5th – Averting Terror

November 6th – The Book that Changed the World

November 7th – Rejecting Religion

November 8th – Claiming Benefits

November 9th – Misusing the Law

November 10th – Consolidation & Change

November 11th – Leadership Qualifications

November 12th – Future Investments

November 13th – Desperate Housewives

November 14th – How to Get Rich!

November 15th – Executed on False Charges

November 16th – Competing By The Rules

November 17th – What’s a “Godless” Society?

November 18th – Severing the Head

November 19th – Gullible vs. Pure

November 20th – Putting Opposition to Shame

November 21st – Humility vs. Humiliation

November 22nd – Define Forgiveness

November 23rd – What’s an Angel?

November 24th – Infallible LIFE Assurance!

November 25th – Planning Your Retirement

November 26th – Permanently Debt Free

November 27th – LIFE with a Clear Conscience

November 28th – How Faith Works

November 29th – Working in Team

November 30th – Thanksgiving

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