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Published by: Look Up Books UK
Author: Kathy Knight
ISBN: 978-0-9927931-0-4
RRP Price: GBP£6.99

BIC SUBJECT CATEGORIES: BT (Biography – True Story); BGX (Biography – Religious and Spiritual)

DESCRIPTION: One family’s story of faith in crisis after the sudden death of a teenage son when no medical reason could be found to explain why. BREADCRUMBS plots a trail of evidence for the existence of a Creator God, His active involvement in everyday life, and His messages of HOPE dropped onto the path of those in search of it.

FORWARD BY: Manfred Schaller – President of The Assoc of Christian Businessmen (Germany, Austria, Switzerland); Chairman for the Board of Directors OMSI

COVER QUOTE: Dave Thompson – Singer/Songwriter, Founder of Gospel Music Group Shade.

“It’s always touching to hear how my music (and indeed the music of other singer/songwriters mentioned in both Kathy’s books) can remain powerful and relevant in different situations yet years after the lyrics were written. An extraordinary story of an unexpected event in an unusual life journey.”

BACK COVER: Life was next to perfect and that sunny Saturday morning in the summer of 2009 was no different. In fact, nothing on this planet could have prepared us for the invisible tornado that tore through our lives when we lost our only son. Hemmed in with darkness on every side, life was reduced to taking one step at a time. But the mystery was only just starting…  The series of coincidences that we encountered in the aftermath of our greatest storm, were just like breadcrumbs that were left on our path to follow. This amazing collection of short stories is what sustained our family during unthinkable crisis, and proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Creator God was fully involved. Food for thought, or sustenance for the soul, we found HOPE again when we found divine Breadcrumbs in the Storm.

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7 thoughts on “BREADCRUMBS in the STORM”

  1. Samya [Australia]

    We were recently gifted with a copy of both Breadcrumbs in the Storm and Mysterious…Expect The Unexpected from Kathy and Mark.
    I finished reading both within a few days of receiving them!
    The only time they left my hands were when I was reflective, seeking the word or sharing with my family!

    Shortly after I journaled: “….If I am asked, (as I was many time), the usual question of each, ‘how was the book?’ I couldn’t speak… eventually I would say, ‘I have no words!’

    It was the wrong question!!! I struggled to fathom what or if there was a ‘right’ question!
    But after much unceasing reflection, as the thought wouldn’t leave me, I think a more apt question might be ‘How did you feel after reading each book?’

    My answer would be: ‘I can’t put into words how I feel, but I’ll try…….

    I feel deeply touched, pain, hope – or more precisely…, hope in the pain; deeply connected with a family I had never met until now; & hope, comfort & peace in the ‘breadcrumb’ moments, the ‘manner’ from Heaven in the midst of the grief & loss…..

    A sense of assurance in the unknown – in Christ we will have eternal life;
    God’s Word come to life in the midst of events which cannot be humanly controlled;
    The intangible become tangible, through the passage of time & God created realisations & revelations – looking back to something we could not have seen ahead;
    Another shift in perspective on things that don’t matter, while holding deeper onto the things that do matter;
    A real experience in the unreal/surreal;
    A family/ parents’ hearts/ relationships sustained in an emotional place of breaking;
    Death given its rightful place of transition to life eternal in Christ – not an ending in and of itself;
    A new understanding of God interested & caring in all the little to complicated details that will bring order in chaos, direction in loss, clarity in confusion, boundaries in the wilderness when I don’t know where to go or what to do;
    To know deeper who I am & where I belong;”

    I still don’t know if these words do justice to how I feel, but I can say I am not the same person!
    Thank You for sharing your story!

    If I could share one more thought, it would be this:
    In Mike’s desire to be a Worship Leader of stadium audiences, he was & continues to be a Leader of Worship – leading people, through his story, to worship the Lord our God all over the world!

    Samya (Australia)

  2. Teijo (Finland)

    Kathy, I admire and appreciate your openness. It requires strength and courage to do so. But by doing so you can help people who are in difficult situation. It was straight talk, but on the other hand very beautiful and respectful.

  3. Doreen (Australia)

    It’s Christmas break, overcast skies and intermittent rain means no long drives to the coast but a perfect opportunity to indulge in my favourite past-time, sitting on the balcony reading. After three deaths of people very close to me this year I wasn’t sure how ready I was to read of another dear friend’s pain of loss, no matter how long ago. But I started to read Breadcrumbs and continued, through tears, until the end. The tears were not of sorry but ones of thankfulness that we have a God who cares, who loves and who comforts us at all times. Thank you Kathy for sharing these breadcrumbs as they lead those that need it home, and sustain those that need it with His unending nourishment. Be blessed as you are a blessing.

  4. Charlotte (Germany)

    Trusting God and holding on to him is easy to say when we sit with a cup of coffee enjoying the sunshine. But can we trust and hold on to God when life gets difficult, so difficult beyond understanding. Kathy tells her experience of great loss and how she could hold on to God. Her life and that of her family is an incredible encouragement and shows: Yes, it is possible to hold on to God and trust him in the most difficult situation. Thank you Kathy for being such a radiant example.

  5. WR Moore (Australia)

    This is a raw and tragic story of a journey beyond the sudden death of an only son. Where do you go when an irreversible horror visits your life and home. Kathy opens up her heart into the life of a mother who is suddenly confronted with the unimaginable. Where’s God when tragedy visits? Kathy’s “journey of discovery” shows that even in unbearable sorrow the presence of a Creator can still be clearly seen if you’re willing to believe. For those in pain and confusion, this book will guide others to consider and look for “Breadcrumbs” in their own storm. Perhaps even come to know that in spite of life’s circumstances it’s possible for a “God-presence” to walk us through the often dark alleys and byways of life. I recommend this story and the genuine heart of the author.

  6. Yvonne (England)

    Beautifully written and so open. Thank-you, Kathy, for the depth of your sharing. This is a mum’s personal story of a loss that no parent wants to face…and how her Maker is so gently and gracious walking each step with her. The openness and honesty is refreshing…I would recommend this book to anyone; it gives a picture of a God who cares deeply and it gives HOPE to anyone who walks the path Kathy has walked.

  7. Barbara (England)

    Kathy found amazing ‘crumbs of comfort’ following her son’s unexplained death in his sleep. This is a deeply personal book, posing as many questions as it answers. The thoughtful reader is allowed to journey into and alongside another’s painful experience that rocked her faith, but brought her to face a bright and hopeful future. Barbara Collier (freelance writer.)

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