03. Beyond Human Experience

Each day we’re to live prepared for the inevitable. At any time, any one of us could ‘meet our Maker’. That’s the solid bit of information we stand on. The question that remains is whether we’re prepared. The reason why the Creator God miraculously preserved His Word in great detail, then handed it down to us today, is preparation. Anyone in any good relationship will want to warn those closest to them if something significant is about to happen. So His Word stops us from being ‘left out of the loop’, caught unawares, bewildered, and without direction:

“See, I have told you ahead of time.”[i]

So this webpage is about information. I’m attempting here to inform you of what God’s Word says about our future. He’s given us a decent amount of information so we can make an adequate decision for ourselves. He’s prepared those who want to believe, so that we’ll stand firm.[ii]  The idea is that we don’t lose our faith in the storm. We’ll be strong, hold fast to Him, and won’t give up no matter how long it takes … No matter how bad it gets.

So now you’ve just begun the third step in a journey into the supernatural. What’s being said here on this webpage links back to Chapter 20: Overlooking Centre Court in my original book: Breadcrumbs in the Storm. We had been caught up in the greatest tornado that could strike the foundations of anyone’s home. It was as if we’d been sucked up into the upper stratosphere then dumped onto the east coast of America. We were spaced out and disoriented in the storm. Or, were we sitting on some sort of invisible conveyor-belt? Quite bizarrely, we were then neatly ‘conveyed’ into the centre tiers right above the stage in Times Square Church, Manhattan. It was the 4th Sunday after our only son suddenly and expectedly passed away and no medical reason could be found.

This webpage is also a follow-on from Chapter Three: After the Sun Set in my second book Mysterious? …expect the unexpected…  That chapter described a scene from my early life where I came face to face with the Living God in an intimate and personal way. It was an unexpected moment of sudden truth. Somewhere in my 10th year, I realized that Jesus’ predictions could come true in my lifetime! If so, I was drawn to just one thought: How would I feel if I were left behind?

Starting Blocks for Predicting the Future

So forty years on from that childhood encounter, this webpage is an attempt to look at the things still to come: the end to this current segment in the Creator God’s eternal Play. However, in order to begin, I need to first clarify or lay out before you some ‘starting blocks’ for predicting the future:

  • According to the Creator of the Universe, what we see around us is temporal.
  • No-one knows the exact timing of each scene in the final Act of the Creator God’s Epic Play.
  • Because of the pictorial language of the script handed down to us, no-one knows the exact details of each event predicted in the Bible, or the exact order in which they’ll come.
  • But the Creator God’s Story is Eternal. The final Act (the last chapter of the Bible) ends on a ‘cliff-hanger’. The end of this particular Play is but the start of the next astonishing sequel in God’s epic story.

So the first thing that will no doubt stand out from what I’ve already said, is that I’m talking about endings here. The Bible is clear that what we see all around us is temporal and that Heaven and Earth (as we’ve known it) will pass away.[iii]  Most people ‘get off the train’ at this point! They don’t want to discuss the temporal nature of our planet. But if we had a beginning – and even evolutionists have to agree with that, then that means life on earth is not eternal i.e. it’s all temporal. So if our story had a beginning to a story that is not eternal then logics suggests that at some point in the future there will also be an end. If you would like to follow this thought on, just click on the next blog 3.2 If There’s a Beginning…


[i] Matthew 24:25 [NIV]

[ii] Ephesians 6:10-17

[iii] Matthew 24:35


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