As a child I enjoyed the Maypole dance!

May’s Daily Breadcrumbs is a journey through the springtime of a new nation. The people of God had moved out of their 40-year wilderness experience and into what their Maker had prepared for them. But you’ll notice that the story is a ‘complicate dance’ within an intimate relationship between human Image-Bearers and their Maker. The ‘relationship ribbon’ between the children and their Father God is wound up, then unravels throughout this historical account of great successes and desperate failures.

To find out more, I invite you to use the drop-down menu below to click on today’s date, then read my thought for today!

May 1st – Prosperity & Success, How To…

May 2nd – Prostitute or Heroine

May 3rd – Crossing Into a Better Life

May 4th – Selective Amnesia

May 5th – Unveiling the Bread

May 6th – All or Nothing

May 7th – Free Choice

May 8th – A Culture of Tolerance

May 9th –  Define “Spiritual Defection”

May 10th – Availability vs. Ability

May 11th – The Insanity of Obedience

May 12th – Manufacturing Silk Purses

May 13th – Liberal Governance

May 14th – Avoiding Lost Potential

May 15th – A Recipe for Bitterness

May 16th – The Law of Probability

May 17th – The World’s Best Chick Flick

May 18th – Redemption, Acquisition & Small Print

May 19th – Catalytic Pain

May 20th – Can God Be Trusted?

May 21st – Knowing God

May 22nd – Lifetime Solutions

May 23rd – Random Acts of Fate

May 24th – The Curse of Leadership

May 25th – Genocide: The Elephant in the Room

May 26th – Guaranteed Employment Selection

May 27th – Victim of False Accusations

May 28th – Processing Transition

May 29th – What’s In Your Heart?

May 30th – The Perfect CoverUp

May 31st – The Speed of Forgiveness

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