This section to my website is here to inform you of various ways that you can invest into what’s going on around the world.

The biggest way that you can help is through PRAYER!

As you read through the pages of this website or read about the various projects in this section, please pray that Father God reaches out with His GRACE towards those who are reading about Him.

You can JOIN US with a Vision Team on board the ships!

If you would like to use your annual holiday time to do something that’s really different, with the hope of inspiring key people into action through a lasting partnership with us, then write to the email address below.

You can also help on a regular basis when you GIVE FINANCIALLY!

In any way you can, either to help fund the printing of my books or through supporting the projects listed below, just click through the options. If you have any questions, write to

1. Supporting the Breadcrumbs

2. Supporting the Knights

3. Supporting the Michael Knight Trust Project

4. Supporting OM Ships International

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