March: a time to visit Grandma's bluebell woods!
March: a time to visit Grandma’s bluebell woods!

With Easter just around the corner in many countries, my ‘thoughts for the day’ take a leap from the Old Testament (the first of the Bible) to the New Testament (the last  of the Bible). This, at first, may seem to be confusing. But I’d like to show you a parallel story. So, just as Israel was called from obscurity and slavery out of Egypt to become a royal priesthood and holy nation, a people belonging to the Creator God [Exodus 19:6], the New Testament shows us how the Creator God’s promise to Abraham, “…through you, all nations on earth will be blessed…” [Genesis 18:18; 22:18 and 26:4] has now come true!

To understand how ancient history is now repeating itself in the private lives of individuals everywhere, just click on today’s date to read the “thought for the day”.

March 1st – Limiting the Transcendent

March 2nd – The Voice

March 3rd – Authorized to Act

March 4th – Unravelling History

March 5th – Peace and Quiet

March 6th – When DIY Goes Wrong

March 7th – Positive Quotes

March 8th – Meeting Planning

March 9th – Hot New Marketing

March 10th – The Red Carpet

March 11th – Writing Off Debt

March 12th – Gluten Free

March 13th – Employment Opportunity!

March 14th – Choosing Your Team

March 15th – Recognising Exquisite Pain

March 16th – Revealing Hidden Things

March 17th – Define “Transcendent Power”

March 18th – Beheaded for Believing

March 19th – The Problem with Religion

March 20th – Who’s Jesus?

March 21st – What’s a Transfiguration?

March 22nd – Tackling Street Violence

March 23rd – Coming to Our Senses

March 24th – Bridging the Gap

March 25th – The Black Swan

March 26th – What’s in a Relationship?

March 27th – Assuming Authority

March 28th – The Greatest Story Ever Told

March 29th – Bringing Down the House!

March 30th – The Calm before the Storm

March 31st – The Price of Oil


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