04-Songs of Interest

Before he died, our son Michael wanted to be a worship leader – someone who leads the music in Believer’s meetings or larger-scale gospel music events. After his sudden and unexpected death, his 980-song iPod music collection that he left behind, became a source of strength for us as we put one foot in front of another. This is why I included in my two books the role played by 13 of Mikey’s iPod songs.

But there are many thousands of songs out there about the Creator God and His Word that people continue to write. The impact of these will never cease to amaze me. So this page holds links to songs that I’m currently impacted by and I thought you’d be interested in them too.

Note* Please be sure to support these artists by buying their music if you like them as I do.

Alabaster from the Rend Collective – Experiment Album … Homemade worship by Handmade people.

Who But You by Mark Hall and Megan Garrett – Casting Crowns Inspired by “The Story” – the promise of Abraham given from the Creator God that was set to bless all the nations on earth.

More to come!

Please feel free to let me know of songs that you like.


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