When Summer is Battered with Storms!
When Summer is Battered with Storms!

In countries across the north, June is a month to enjoy warmer weather as mid-summer’s night approaches. In days gone by, young couples would plan to be married on mid-summer’s in hope of extra blessing. But what happens when the season of perpetual sunshine that had been promised since the start of the last winter, doesn’t materialise? Throughout June, I’ll take you through the period of the Kings of Israel where the list of blessings that had been laid out in Deuteronomy 28, were short lived, and God’s family seemed to enter into a seemingly never-ending tunnel of storm-filled events going from bad to worse.

What went wrong and can the Creator God still be trusted when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? I invite you now to use the drop-down menu below to click on today’s date, then read my “thought for the day”.

June 1st – Excavating Puzzle Pieces

June 2nd – Clues of Corruption

June 3rd – The Greatest Philanthropist

June 4th – The Book of LIFE

June 5th – How to Win Friends

June 6th – Anatomy of the Human Soul

June 7th – Establishment and Strength

June 8th – Cashing In a Blank Cheque

June 9th – Kabul “Good for Nothing”

June 10th – The Centre of Trade Agreements

June 11th – Destabilizing a Nation

June 12th – Leading with Logic

June 13th – Coping With Drought

June 14th – Identifying the Counterfeit

June 15th – Understanding Depression

June 16th – Failure: Doorway to Success

June 17th – Using Divine Power

June 18th – Liberation from Dissatisfaction

June 19th – Cashing In on Faith

June 20th – The Ever-Present God

June 21st – Define “Words of Knowledge”

June 22nd – What’s “Omniscience”

June 23rd – Victim of Intimidation?

June 24th – Reward for Moral Courage

June 25th – Adding to Your Life

June 26th – Destroying a Nation

June 27th – Housebuilding DIY

June 28th – Leading By Example

June 29th – Next Generation’s Legacy

June 30th – Party Planning


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