Weathering the Storm!
Weathering the Storm!

When Spring hasn’t sprung, the season of April showers can be a real let down. So I wonder if the greatest disappointment from sudden life-change ever to be recorded, would be the catastrophic turn of events that happened in this month’s Breadcrumbs. On Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem just as the ancient prophecies said their King would do, to great and resounding praise. But by Friday, He was dead!

To journey further with me into a ‘life of faith’ that seems littered with unanswered questions, and to see that the Creator God is not just aware of what’s going on, but He’s intimately involved, then use the menu below. Click on today’s date and read my “thought for today”.

April 1st – The Final Countdown

April 2nd – Time Travel

April 3rd – Coping with Sudden Change

April 4th – Addressing Hopelessness

April 5th – The Father’s Grief

April 6th – Sharing Great News!

April 7th – A King Will Save Us

April 8th – How to Rise to Greatness

April 9th – The Price of Peace

April 10th – “Spiritual” Connection

April 11th – Who to Trust?

April 12th – Reincarnation vs New Birth

April 13th – The Fountain of Youth

April 14th – The Great Grave Robbery

April 15th – Cannibalism!

April 16th – The Season of Our Joy

April 17th – Who’s Your Father?

April 18th – Proof and Validation

April 19th – How to Farm Sheep

April 20th – Resurrection of the Dead

April 21st – Who Has Believed?

April 22nd – What is True Love?

April 23rd – Famous Last Words

April 24th – The Great Vine

April 25th – Joy Follows Grief

April 26th – The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed for You!

April 27th – 100% Confidence in a Bleak Present

April 28th – The Day God Kept Quiet

April 29th – The Greatest Day in History

April 30th – The Nature of Sheep

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