The Abundance of God's Grace
Thankfulness for What We Have

After the activity and growth of summer, Autumn can be a season to plateau before a decline begins. Concerned for ‘the plateau season of Faith’, a Jewish scholar and lawyer named Paul, begins to lay out in a series of letters, clear teaching for maintaining faith and obedience to the Creator God’s Most Ancient Way, in a world that’s often heading in the opposite direction. My Daily Breadcrumbs for October come from some of the teaching/ training letters – the Books of Corinthians through to Colossians. These 1st Century letters became books in the library that now makes up the New Testament in The Bible.

To feed on the ‘spiritual breadcrumbs’ that were made available two thousand years ago (and yet are completely transferrable and extraordinarily relevant for any culture today), just use the drop-down menu and click on today’s date then read my “thought for today”.

October 1st – Frustrated Intelligence

October 2nd – Demystifying the Mystery

October 3rd – A Lasting DIY Job

October 4th – Claiming Compensation

October 5th – Divorce with Ease!

October 6th – Kingdom Builders

October 7th – Alternative Energy

October 8th – Finding Love

October 9th – The Inheritance Loophole

October 10th – Comfort Food

October 11th – Legitimized Superstition

October 12th – Investment Returns

October 13th – Buried Treasure

October 14th – Measuring Worth

October 15th – Life with a Limp

October 16th – A Fruitarian Diet

October 17th – The First Communist

October 18th – One World Government

October 19th – The Ultimate Free Offer

October 20th – The United Nations

October 21st – LIFE in the Sweet-Wrapper

October 22nd – LOST

October 23rd – Free Armour for Knights!

October 24th – The Key to Knowledge

October 25th – The Path to Enlightenment

October 26th – Olympic Ticket Giveaway!

October 27th – Unique Detox Formula

October 28th – What’s Laminin?

October 29th – Hollow Philosophy

October 30th – How to be “Upwardly Mobile”

October 31st – Preparing Your Speech


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