Daily Breadcrumbs

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EXPLANATION: This section of my website is taking up three ideas:

  1. The story of “manna from heaven” that appeared six mornings in every seven for 40 years, when the Nation of Israel were wandering about in the desert more than 3,500 years ago. The stuff looked like wafer (breadcrumbs) and it tasted of honey. This fed more than two million refugees who had escaped from brutal slavery in Egypt – when Israel first became a nation. You can read about this manna in The Bible in The Book of Exodus chapter 16; The Book of Numbers chapter 11; The Book of Deuteronomy chapter 8; The Book of Joshua Chapter 5 Verse 12; Psalms 78:24;  and the Book of Hebrews 9:4.
  2. The idea of the Word of God being like ‘spiritual bread’ for us that feeds our souls. If you have time, check out the Book of Nehemiah chapter 5:20 and the Book of John chapter 6. And…
  3. Jesus own prayer that His followers have since been praying every day now for two millennia: “Give us today our daily bread…” You can read about this in the Book of Matthew chapter 6:11 and Revelation 2:17. After more than 40 years of building up my relationship with my Maker I’ve come to believe that, consuming the Creator God’s Word daily will strengthen His children in our understanding of Him: the One who Made us in His own image.

Because of this, I invite you now to use the drop-down menu to choose today’s month and date. Read the stories that I mention there, and use the prayer guide as a way of listening to your Father God and communicating with Him. I encourage you in these pages to make a list in a ‘Prayer Journal’ (a notebook especially for this time) of things you’ve prayed for and things that your loving Heavenly Father has answered. In this way you’ll not only discover that He really does exist, but that He is actively involved in the minute details of everyday human affairs. By taking time every morning to go out of your way to collect for yourself your own “manna from heaven”, I’m confident that you’ll see, as I have done, that your relationship with your Maker can unfold in a close and intimate way. Be sure to use the “Leave a Comment” box below when you discover something interesting about what you are reading each day. If you have any questions about what you have read  feel free to write to breadcrumbslive@gmail.com

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