2.2 The Lost “Dreamtime” I

This is the second blog in a six-part series that looks at the question: Where’s God when Life’s so hard? In trying to understand this topic for myself, I found that there’s Hidden Consequences Unseen to the Naked Eye.

According to the ancient Prophet Isaiah, all of us are like sheep. We’ve all gone astray. Each of us has turned to our own way.[a] Now the problem with that, is that we can’t have our cake and eat it as well. By ‘turning to our own way’, we’ve lost our connection with our Maker in the process. This in turn causes more issues for us:

Because the Creator God is 100 per cent perfect, He resides in 100 percent perfection. So by default, we’ve become separated from everything that’s 100 per cent good, 100 per cent pure, 100 per cent joyful, 100 per cent loving, and a life that’s lived permanently in 100 per cent peace. In essence we’ve lost what He originally planned so perfectly for us at the start of His story (our history).

Life today on planet earth is not what it was ever meant to be — not for us, not for the animals, and not for the environment. Unfortunately, we can’t get back to what life was like in the Garden of Eden utopia before things went disastrously wrong. We can’t reverse history and go back to the start of His story. Nor can we go back to any ‘Golden Age’ that we may think of — no matter how good our limited memory paints it! In reality …

–          We’ve Lost “The Dreamtime”

In Chapter Two: The Rescue Plan in my second book Mysterious? …Expect the Unexpected… I wrote a story about life with my stepfather in my early childhood. As it so happened, my stepfather was part Indigenous Australian. The central hope held by the original Australians is: the return of The Dreamtime. What’s important about their faith system, which is the oldest continuously held tradition on earth, is that it was never corrupted. It remained isolated, protected and unchanged by the rise and fall of the great empires. The tumultuous history of the northern hemisphere has spawned an eclectic and changing world, outside this southern hemisphere haven inside Australia. What’s most important is that it was the last to be discovered!

So with that in mind, what I find most interesting is the correlation between their belief and our own Judeo-Christian faith in the ‘restoration of all things’.[b] Getting back to how things should have been from the beginning. This is especially worth noticing this when we consider that Indigenous Australians possess both the longest continuous religious tradition, and the oldest surviving culture on earth![c]

But I wonder, if we were to travel back in time to that untapped utopia and took the opportunity to ask, would the original Australians admit that something unseen and intangible from their distant past was missing. Whatever it was, it was incredibly important. Life really wasn’t complete without it and it was vital to keep hold of a knowledge of it by handing it down through the generations. The one thing missing from their full life cradled at the breast of Mother Earth (with all her provision, protection, and peace), was that they were no longer in The Dreamtime. To understand the 3 core elements that are missing from our human life experience today you’ll need to understand what Indigenous Australians call the Lost Dreamtime. So I invite you now to click onto 2.3 The Lost “Dreamtime” II

[a] Isaiah 53:6

[b] Acts 3:21

[c] http://www.aboriginalculture.com.au/introduction.shtml

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