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11 March: Writing Off Debt

With so many people today enslaved with debt, how freeing the feeling must be when chains come off, hearts set free, but where on earth can debt be written off freely and indiscriminately? READ LUKE 7  Make notes, if you’d

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19 September: The Rate of Exchange

Working in finance since my teenage years, I’m interested in how exchange rates work – especially when they have a personal effect on my pocket! But what if a significantly serious exchange (affecting our long-term future) has taken place, and

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17 June: Using Divine Power

In our Western rational/logical mind set, which is biased towards the Law of Physics, divine power and the existence of the supernatural is likely to be shelved into the “Fairy Tales” section of our minds. READ 2 Kings 2  Make

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07 June: Establishment and Strength

When our world appears unstable and coming apart at the seams, hidden within the text of today’s chapter is a key to the structure of LIFE… READ 1 Kings 7  Make notes, if you’d like, of what stands out for

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