03 February – Additional Notes


Without taking time to dig for hidden riches stored in secret places[a], Ex9onlookers could feel right in their assumption. The Creator God appears no different to any of the volatile evil spirits who have held the “uneducated” to ransom with fear by plaguing tribal groups for millenniums. Surely, it’s a chapter like today’s chapter, that proves how gods from ancient times have no place in today’s advanced society!

But if you care to follow my Breadcrumbs from the beginning, and walk with me this year through everything that I am unearthing for you, I hope that we can reason together over the topic of the existence and involvement of the Creator God in turbulent times. Gen37This was the thought behind my second book Mysterious? …Expect the unExpected…  In it, I isolated some of the “volcanic eruptions” in my own journey and this, at times, through dire straits. As an intelligent human being with time on my hands to reason, I have discovered proof of hidden treasures stored in advance by my Maker, in secret places. In the hidden recesses of human experience yet readily available to find, if only we take the time to look.[b]

And so, the first thing I notice from today’s chapter is that this “battle of wills” between the God of the Universe and the King of the World, isn’t about fame, money, or power. This isn’t a neurotic “evil spirit” wanting to be in control by bringing a nation to its knees through fear. HIStory from beginning to end – this epic Play that begins with making humanity in His Own Image to live like Him[c], and which ends with God’s dwelling place among the people[d] – has only ever been about releasing and redeeming a family for Himself. [v1]

“…say to Pharaoh, ‘This is what the Lord says: Israel is my firstborn son, and I told you, “Let my son go, so he may worship me.” But you refused to let him go…’” [Exodus 4:22-23]

Two things are noteworthy in the very first sentence of this chapter, before we go any further. First, if this were my firstborn son, whom I love beyond measure, I would certainly fight tooth and nail to rescue him from entrapment. Even if I had no specific plan thereafter, I would want him out of the snare and back with us under our roof. We could then at least rebuild his confidence, get him on track (including re-educating him), then relaunch him in a completely different place so that his past becomes “just a bad dream”.

The second hugely important note here, is that Israel is the Creator God’s firstborn son. This is an incredibly important gemstone woven into the fabric of the storyline, and it needs to be pocketed away for your understanding later. The fact that the Creator specifically used the term “firstborn”, then left it in HIStory (miraculously preserving it for close on four millenniums for us to read today), tells me that there are more sons. The Creator God’s family is bigger. There’s a bigger picture to this “family tree”. However, it begins with Israel – the firstborn.

So, whatever background we come from now – whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other background who think we may have Truth from the horse’s mouth – we all have to get over ourselves and admit that the Creator God’s story first started with the Hebrews. Ex9aThey were the ones who wrote it down through Moses. They also instituted an incredibly complex process for painstakingly copying it to ensure that no errors crept in. Then they risked life and limp to preserve it. The greatest example of this is the Dead Sea Scrolls found in the 1950s.[e] If we want any connection at all with the Creator God today, there is no way around this Hebrew script from beginning to end. The Jews are our older brother in a family line that leads back to our Maker. Their script is our inheritance from our Maker – the Maker’s Handbook. And it’s handed down to us through them.

In other words, without the Children of Israel and their experiences of the Creator God from the very beginning, it is extremely unlikely that any of us today would have a relationship with Him. That is to say, a relationship where we know as much about His thinking and His behavior; what He expects of us as individuals; how we as both male and female image-bearers can be acceptable through living our lives in His likeness, just as we were designed to do in the first page of the script; and how we can be forgiven of our inadequate reflection of His image – as we now can be, and as many across the globe so freely are.

So, sandwiched in this epic storyline (these pages of the Creator God’s personal diary, HIStory about His relationship with this world that He created), is where we find today’s chapter. Ex9bThis scene is about a people group who could worship the Creator, but who can’t in their present state. For whatever reason – whether their lives would be in danger if they openly worshipped the Creator as they should[f], or that their workload (their present “slavery” in their life experience) is such “dire straits” that it is destroying their faith in their Maker – it’s now time for drastic measures! In His loving-kindness, the Creator will lead His people firmly by the hand into a radical life-change.[g]

Whatever transpires between the Creator God and the greatest civilization on earth in today’s chapter, is needless. His ask is a simple ask. “Release my son so that he can come and worship me”. The refusal to allow religious freedom and release from earthly restrictions; the refusal to stop persistent oppression (keeping human images of God from a full and complete relationship with their Maker); the victim and abuser crisis that is still prevalent today; this is the cause for such powerful divine intervention in the rest of today’s chapter – the likes of which had never been experienced before. [v18,24]

“…if you refuse, I will send the full force of my plagues against you and against your officials and your people, so you may know that there is no one like me in all the earth…” [v14]

If we refuse the Creator God and don’t come to Him while there is still time (or if we dissuade others from going out of their way to find and worship Him), at some point He will intervene. If anything, HIStory has proven this to be true. Unfortunately for us though, His documented interventions are 100% powerful, simply because that’s who He is –  the Lord God Almighty.

Gen28The Creator is never distant or uninvolved in the world that He created. And yet, because we were originally designed as rulers, He leaves a lot to the Free Will that He gave to us. With that said, HIStory has seen Him being forced to get directly involved[h], and His divine interventions in human history are like a 100% good judge. He will bring down the full force of the law upon the head of any perpetrator who has had ample warning to change! The Creator can’t be anything other than every bit of Himself. First, as a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, and abounding in truth and loving-kindness.[i] Then, with righteous judgements that are just and true.[j]

The three plagues in today’s chapter, for example, shows an incredibly gracious God who listens to Moses’ intercession on behalf of the most ruthless oppressors of the ancient world.[k] Yet each time things went well again, Pharaoh disregarded the Lordship of his Creator. [v7,12,33-35] Although the text says that God Himself hardened Pharaoh’s heart, what that simply means is that He lifted His own power for good from Pharaoh’s heart. Having given to him free choice without the aid of His Holy Spirit to help him choose what is right and good, the result (left to his own conscience and reasoning), is that Pharaoh’s free-will rejected God – even after first-hand experience of the supernatural.

Gen45aThe text doesn’t tell us what is in Pharaoh’s mind, nor what his advisers were advising him; but if he is anything like humans today, he would have reasoned the supernatural out of the equation. Knowing human nature, he would have put it down to weather patterns, and a temporary natural disaster that came and went. In this, human reasoning hasn’t changed. No matter how evolved we think we are, we only turn to God, acknowledging that He is right and we are wrong, admitting that we’ve “sinned” – only when we’re in dire straits. [v27-28] As soon as there is a logical explanation, or the sun shines over our lives once again, we ditch God and go on as before.

So, what have I learnt from today’s chapter?

From ancient times, the Creator God has only ever wanted a people for Himself – like a father leading his children to the place that he has prepared in advance for them to go. Plan A is to collect a family of image-bearers (who are willing to live with Him, and like Him) in a natural and quiet way. If not, then His great love for those He created, will cause Him to intervene with a supernatural extraction when forced.[l] The question in the meantime is, am I going to be like Pharaoh (hardening my heart against the Living God today) or will I wait until I’m in dire straits before I’m more like Moses, who surrendered …whatever the cost…

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