31 December: New Year Predictions

With the end of another year upon us, it’s time to look forward to what must soon take place…

READ REVELATION 22  Make notes, if you’d like, of what stands out for you. Feel free to use the “Leave a Comment” box below to also write some of your thoughts.


With a natural focus on predicting what’s ahead in the coming year for our businesses, our countries, our economy, and our personal lives, the Creator God isn’t just interested in New Year resolutions, or predictions. Instead, through HIStory, He’s changing the course of history, and everything we’ve ever known, forever.

As the Angel in the Book of Revelation draws the final vision of our future to a close, in today’s chapter, everything (from Genesis 3 at the beginning, to the events that draw HIStory to a close) is restored in seven seemingly insignificant words: “No longer will there be any curse.” [v3] With them, all other hopes and dreams, promises, prayers and prophecies finally come true.

 “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near.” [v10]

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But what about your thoughts – can you tell me what today’s “breadcrumb” is? Leave a note in the “Comments” box below to tell me what you think of today’s chapter.

Wanting to begin a New Year being able to speak directly with your Maker? Jesus’ own prayer below will help…[a]


   1.   Praise: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your Kingdom come! Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven …”

You’re the Rock, Lord. Your works are perfect and all Your ways are just. A faithful God, You do no wrong. Good and upright are You! [Deuteronomy 32:4]

   2.   Ask: “…Give us today our daily bread…”

  • The World: The Lord’s Return [Rev.22:17a]
  • Your Country: The Great Commission[b]
  • Yourself: A desire to be more like Christ
  • Your concerns for today
Thank-you Father God, that Your Spirit helps us in our weakness. Many times we don’t know what we ought to pray. But the Spirit Himself intercedes for us, even through groans without words. [Romans 8:26]

   3.   Admit: “…Forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us…”

You’ve indeed made an everlasting covenant with those You created, Lord God Almighty. But as I look ahead, help me to also remember Your solemn warning when You said: “I’ll never stop doing good to them, and I’ll inspire them to fear Me, so that they will never turn away from Me.” [Jeremiah 32:40]

   4.   Protect: “…Lead us not into temptation but delivers us from evil.”

You watch over the foreigner, O God. You sustain the fatherless and the widow, but You exasperate the ways of the wicked.” [Psalm 146:9]

“For Yours Lord is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory now and forever. Amen!”

When questioned, tested, tricked or in His hour of great need, Jesus spoke what was previously written in God’s Word.[c] So, the final section on this page is about memorizing the script through 10 topics. Following these will help you learn 52 portions from the bible in a year! THIS WEEK’S MEMORY VERSE: Topic = The Creator God’s Salvation Plan

“God made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” [2 Corinthians 5:21]

[a] Matthew 6:5-15

[b] Mark 16:15

[c] Matthew 4:4,6,7,10; 11:10; 21:13; and 26:24,31

1 thought on “31 December: New Year Predictions”

  1. Mavis (New Zealand)

    Arn’t we on the brink of the 7 millenium now! and 6 days the Lord worked, and the 7th day He rested. His reign is not far away! There is much to come,i.e “I will pour out my spirit on all flesh”,’Nations will rise and fall, but the Lords throne is for ever and ever!’

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