15 February: The Price of Gold

When navigating the wildernesses on my life-journey, I want to transition from A to B in the fastest possible way with the least amount to stress. Stopping to ‘smell the roses’ or ‘take stock’ of what can be learnt from my past experiences, is like asking me about the price of gold while I’m drowning in confusion. So how can this 3500+ years-old bit of ancient script help in today’s world…

READ DEUTERONOMY 1  Make notes, if you’d like, of what stands out for you. Feel free to use the “Leave a Comment” box below to also write some of your thoughts.


Panning for Gold - every day!
Panning for Gold – every day!

I don’t know much, but I do know that history repeats itself if we don’t stop and learn from our past. Today’s chapters is about an entire people group, a nation of 2 million+ people, going in circles around a wilderness for 40 years. So if there’s one thing I DON’T want, its that! I want my Maker’s Guidebook to be like gold nuggets that comfort me in my valleys, encourages me in those arid places, and helps me most especially to avoid the blood, sweat, and tears in a daily dig for nothing. That said, if I could place a value on the gold in today’s chapter, my eyes have settled on the thread that focuses on the relationship we have with our Maker as He leads us through this life:

“Don’t be terrified, don’t be afraid… The Lord your God who is going before you, will fight for you…” [v30] “…in the wilderness… [He] carried you, just as a father carries his son all the way in which you’ve walked until you came to this place.” [v31] “…[He] went ahead of you on your journey… to search out places for you to camp, and to show you the way you should go.” [v33]

In spite of this, I’m just like the people who lived 3500+ years ago: I didn’t trust Him [v32]; I rebelled against my Lord’s command and in my arrogance and presumption, I regularly ‘march out’ without Him… [v43]; then, when I’m chased like a swarm of bees and beaten down, I came back and wept before the Lord, but He paid no attention to my weeping and turned a deaf ear to me. [v44-45] What’s interesting about everything in HIStory, is that history only has a way of repeating itself if we let it! Read More… CLICK on “15 February – Additional Notes”

But what about your thoughts – can you tell me what today’s “breadcrumb” is? Leave a note in the “Comments” box below to tell me what you think God is saying to you, through today’s chapter.

Wanting to speak directly with the One in the lead? The rest of this webpage uses Jesus’ own prayer to help…[a]


   1.   Praise: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your Kingdom come! Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven …”

May I be like those of old who sang to the Lord, praising and giving thanks saying, “For He is good, for His loving-kindness is upon His people forever.” And all the people shouted with a great shout when they praised the Lord! [Ezra 3:11]

   2.   Ask: “…Give us today our daily bread…”

  • The World: Pray for the people of Angola[b]
  • Your Country: Victims of today’s slave trade
  • Yourself: Your “daily bread”
  • Your concerns for today
I am exceedingly afflicted, O Lord. Revive me I pray, according to Your word. [Psalm 119:107]

   3.   Admit: “…Forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us…”

Lord help me to be diligent to present myself approved to God as a workman who doesn’t need to be ashamed, but who accurately handles the word of truth. [2 Timothy 2:15]

   4.   Protect: “…Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

I was confronted in the day of my calamity, but the Lord was my support. He also brought me into wide open spaces. He rescued me, because He delighted in me. [2 Samuel 22:19-20]

“For Yours Lord is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory now and forever. Amen!”

When Jesus was questioned, tested, tricked, or in His hour of great need, He always spoke things that were previously written in God’s Word.[c] Following these memory verses from ten topics, will help you learn 52 verses from the bible in a year! THIS WEEK’S MEMORY VERSE: Topic = The Creator’s Will

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that God has prepared in advance for us to walk in.” [Ephesians 2:10]

[a] Matthew 6:5-15

[b] http://www.operationworld.org/country/ango/owtext.html

[c] Matthew 4:4,6,7,10; 11:10; 21:13; and 26:24,31

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