Questions About the Future

In recent years, and especially in light of the deterioration of the environment, reduced natural resources and bad things happening around us, many people wonder about the future of this planet. If we aren’t concerned about the O-zone layer, it’s the worry over fresh water, air quality, over-population, sustainable forestry, or civil unrest and natural disasters. The latest issue is floating debris and space pollution. Apparently there are 20,000 objects traveling at 17,000 miles an hour in different directions just above the earth’s atmosphere. It now seems that unless we work out a way of catching what we’ve put up there, then dragging it back down to earth, space exploration could become impossible in the future.

This page looks at some frequently asked questions about the future of humanity. Just click on the questions to follow the links to the answers:

What are the ‘Starting Blocks’ for Predicting the Future?
Isn’t the ‘End of the World’ just a Science Fiction Theme for Movies?
Is it Possible to Predict WHEN Future Events will Take Place?
What World Events are Predicted in Our Future?
If God Cares at all, Will He Ever get Personally Involved?
Will our Future ever be Free from the Existence of Evil?
What Options do I have when I consider My Future?
How can I Prepare Now for Future Events?
Should I be Worried About the Future of this Planet?


2 thoughts on “Questions About the Future”

  1. Anusha [South Africa]

    Thank you for sharing your story. I too have experienced a great loss… and i know how nourishing these Breadcrumbs are. I feel so blessed. Akila gave me a copy on Logos Hope in Richards Bay. I started reading it and i just cried, i cried sometimes with sadness and most times with joy. I see the Love of God and His Love for us all in times of crisis. Its wonderful to share so we become aware these stories are more that co-incidences. They show the journey in life is planned and not lonely, at times it feels that way , but its not. It is filled with dependence on God and His Holy Spirit. God knows everything, He is so amazing, so much in control. I know Mike is dancing with Jesus in heaven. I feel His song in my heart. A song of worship to His Loving Saviour. He is with The Eternal God and King. We will see our loved ones again.

    1. Thank-you Anusha for your kind comments. It’s lovely to see that my books are being helpful in some way and used even in Africa!

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