4 thoughts on “A Message from the Author”

  1. Yvonne (England)

    I met you today Kathy and how you inspired me! Thank you so much. I shared with you about losing my husband in May this year.
    With love Yvonne S

    1. Yes Yvonne, it was so lovely to get some time with you. I hope that through my story (my books and my website) you’ll find confidence in “the bigger picture” to this life; and our hope in our LIFE to come.
      With All my Love,

  2. Hi Kathy…Very powerful and necessary message. I am not quite sure how some people survive without the hope of Christ. Perhaps because God still pours his mercy into every crack and crevice of this broken and brokenhearted world.

  3. Juliette Ratcliff


    Gentleness, compassion and the hope of Christ overflow dearest Kathy. The film clip is a perfect reflection of the precious meaning you have found in your journey and the hand of Heaven signposting your way through adversity and bringing comfort in the agony. You are so right, as you say in the film clip, so many of us have experienced things that we did not expect and to journey together, shoulder to shoulder, sharing encouragements is a real joy. You have encouraged me from the first second I met you and I can’t wait to read your book, read your updates and continue the journey together. Love you and your family so much J xx

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