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    Thirst - GBP 12.99Breadcrumbs in the Storm - GBP 4.99Mysterious ...expected the unexpected... - GBP 8.99Publisher's Discounted Set: Both Books - GBP 10.00

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    2. William Moore


      I have just finished reading a copy of Breadcrumbs. What I want to say Kathy, is to AFFIRM you and this book you have written. You have much to offer the world through the testimony of your journey. The book is a genuine expression of a mother’s heart through grievous loss and yet a faithful believer in the one true God. There are so few genuine ‘oracles’ in the world today. Not preachers who teach theological concepts, but oracles into a confused world. As with the Book of Esther in the Bible – perhaps you were brought through the destructive vortex for such a time as this. People don’t need theology. They need to hear from people who have walked WITH God. I wonder if the loss of Mike is not a chapter to endure, write and close, but a doorway to pass through INTO the work that the Creator God has out there ahead of you. In this book you are a “witness to the faithfulness of the King”.

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