11 December – Additional Notes

2 PETER 1 – Claiming Your Destiny

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1 thought on “11 December – Additional Notes”

  1. Anne-Marie (Australia)

    Hi Kathy, I go to River of Life City Church in Slacks Creek Queensland. I heard you talk once about the GBA Ships needing a new ship and you told how they never pray for money but for heart connections. I shared this with a minister who is endeavouring to gain financial support for his ministry and he was impressed. Would you mind retelling the story as the details will be more accurate so that I can forward it to him. God’s richest blessings. Anne-Marie

    Hello Anne-Marie, I think it’s been a couple of years since I spoke there so time may have confused the story slightly. Jesus taught his followers to pray “…give us today our daily bread…” – that’s the whole package of physical needs including finances. We’re just not meant to worry about our needs or be caught up in finances. [Matthew 6:24-34] From the late 1950s through to the early 1980s, our charity’s finance policy was never to ask for finance or make financial needs known. It seems crazy now – after all, how can a charity survive without telling people what is needed. We had to pray and wait for people to ask us. Even with such a strict finance policy, Father God still provided the finance to buy and run two ships! In addition, the work spread to more than 110 countries by 2010. Today we can make the charities financial needs known in an appropriate way through feed-back reports for donors – you’ll see that I have a “Give” section to this website. BUT our experience and history (both personally and within the charity) has proven that God is indeed Faithful and, just as Jesus said, we don’t have to worry. Luv to you down under, K

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