Category: Definition of a Good Father

Avoiding unnecessary loss of inheritance is a concern. But today’s chapter shows how our inheritance claim works, so that we can plan ahead by taking advantage now of the loophole provided… READ 1 CORINTHIANS 15  Make notes, if you’d like,

The sinking of the unsinkable ship in 1912, seems to be one tragedy that won’t disappear from living memory. But what if we’re sailing headlong into disaster and aren’t aware of it… READ ROMANS 3   Make notes, if you’d like,

For those abandoned, estranged or suffering at the hands of their father; for those beginning fatherhood or confused over what a good father is, today’s chapter gives insight into the best Father in the world… READ ZEPHANIAH 3   Make

No matter how important we are (or what we’ve achieved in life), I’ve noticed that there’ll always be prayers that aren’t answered in the way we’d want them to be… READ 2 CORINTHIANS 12  Make notes, if you’d like, of what stands