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16 November: Competing By The Rules

Few things in life stick in the craw and remain hard to swallow than the success of cheats. Most agree that winners should only win if they compete according to the rules… READ 2 TIMOTHY 2  Make notes, if you’d

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30 January: Crisis Management

Today’s chapter highlights again that, whenever anything goes wrong, our first question seems to always be: Why?.… READ EXODUS 5  Make notes, if you’d like, of what stands out for you. Feel free to use the “Leave a Comment” box

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16 June: Failure – Doorway to Success

There’s a saying: “Failure is the back door to success”, but with the number of failings that I see and experience, I wonder if failure is instead the front door to success! READ 2 Kings 1  Make notes, if you’d

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16 May: The Law of Probability

Today’s chapter shows an example of the many “coincidences” in this epic storyline that, put to the test, are likely to defy the Law of Probability… READ RUTH 2  Make notes, if you’d like, of what stands out for you.

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