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After completing High School in America, Josiah worked for 2 years with OM Chile. He was working with homeless, artists, students, and in children’s homes. Josiah has spent the past year back home in the USA working, saving and praying about his next steps.

Creating Hope in Lebanon

Creating Hope in Lebanon

He is hoping now to head off to Lebanon for a year beginning this SEPTEMBER with a small team traveling in the Middle East and North Africa. This team will be capturing visually the untold and unseen stories of the people and the on-going work that’s being accomplished there.  He will be using his skills in photography and videography to show the plans and the heart of the Creator God for this region. You can follow his “Life’s Short Updates” page on FaceBook.

Right now he is working on raising the necessary funds to be able to move forward with this plan. If you would like to invest US$1 per day into the work that is happening in this area, please let Josiah know by writing to josiahcreatehopepotter@gmail.com and support his endeavours by clicking on one of the following:

Click here to DONATE within the UK

Click here to DONATE within Australia

Click here to DONATE within the USA

We also have offices in 110 countries, so if you are anywhere else in the world just write to breadcrumbslive@gmail.com and we can help you support Josiah through your national office!

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