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After her university degree in social work, Akila has been working locally to pay off her student debt. Now debt free, Akila has turned her attention to Africa!  Akila writes:

Thank-you for sponsoring me with OM South Africa!

Thank-you for sponsoring me with OM South Africa!

“I’m off to South Africa to join the personnel team! OM South Africa has approximately 400 workers; 260 work within Africa and 140 work internationally. My role in the personnel department is to be involved in every aspect of looking after these volunteers. This will range from recruitment processes; ensuring the well being of each worker; dealing with crisis situations; working with embassies and multi-organisationally; and so much more. Alongside my personnel job, each week I will be involved in OM South Africa’s outreach and help projects.

This is a very exciting opportunity for me. My hope is that God will not only use me in a whole multitude of ways during my time in South Africa but that He will also use this as significant stepping stones for what is to come in my life!”

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